Airtel GPRS/ EDGE/ 3G Settings for Android (India)

Richie Sajan

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  1. HELP ! says:

    hi friend, how to set airtel nop /aon settings on samsung galaxy s lcd i 9003. please help me to sort this problem.its class 10 model.

  2. Hari says:

    Thanks for the info, i done the all the process, Still Motoarola defy plus GPRS not conecting,
    but my airtel GPRS is activated in my SIM. i checked in other nokia mobile, HELP me on this.

  3. alok ranjan nayak says:

    I just switched from Nokia to Android.
    But am unable to get the NOP set properly in my samsung phone event after three calls to Airtel customer care.

    1. I activated the monthly airtel plan from my phone by dialling *567#.I got SMS stating that my handset doesnt support GPRS settings.Add as APN.I cheked the APN from my “mobile Network Settings” menu and found that the APN is turned on.

    still i couldnt connect to any web addresss.

    2. I called to customer care and he guided me to add a APN( to my mobile.Even after restart i could not connect to internet.

    3. I sent a SMS typing “MO” to 54321 to dowload the APN settings.
    I got the deatils ( .and set it accordingly.still couldnt connect to net.

    Dont know i what to do now.

  4. jayant says:

    For me above steps are not working , even call @121
    do not know, I am always not get good response from call center
    my mobile is galaxy s plus , call center person told setting i had redone and saved but not

  5. Raseen says:

    i have activated airtel gprs 98 pack in my new android. customer care executive told me that i will be getting 3g data transfer if i am under 3g tower, is it true ? else how do i activate 3g ?

  6. Soham says:

    Okay, I’ve got a slightly weird problem. I installed this app called Easy Battery Saver on my Note. And based on its algorithm, it restricts continuous access to data networks to conserve battery. So inspite of activating 3g services on my phone, I wasn’t being able to use it as per will. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it won’t. And whenever it worked, the speeds were almost as poor as gprs. So I tried resetting the APN settings and I also tried resetting mobile networks through an option in the app itself. NO effect. I further tried uninstalling the app, yet no effect. I even tried a factor reset on my phone, but still the 3g won’t go back to the way it was. Earlier I could easily find the speed touching around 200 kbps, now if it works at all, its very slow, gprs speeds as I mentioned, and I have ensured that my phone is not set to working on gsm alone or something like that, I can even see the ‘3g’ or H+’ symbol in the notification area and yet there is no continuous and convenient connectivity. Any clue as to what else I could try to fix this?

  7. majid k dudhwala says:

    Please help me .
    How to start nop airtel gprs setting.
    I have samsung galaxy i9003 phone.
    Android . Nop of airtel works or do not work .
    Reply me.

  8. Navjoot Sandhar says:

    Hey Richie,

    I followed this advice before and it worked very well. But all of a sudden my internet has shut off and all I see in the notifications bar is the signal bars. The symbol that showed the e for edge is not longer there. Is there a fix for this problem? I’ve already tried restarting the phone but that didn’t work. Please let me know as soon as possible because I can’t live without my internet on my phone.

  9. arnav says:

    will this setting work on sony experia sola handset.,plz lemme knw if i can use this setting on this cell and will it charge anything..

  10. kapil nagori says:

    i have Ubislate 7c+ (akash 3), tablet. I want gprs settings for airtel as the normal settings are not working properly. i have also called on 121 bt no response. Plz help me.

  11. dorjee tamang says:

    i have bought hitech anroid phone and i have problems with internet settings so what should i do

  12. Richie Sajan says:

    Its some timeout issue, you should check out your LG manual or call their service center.

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